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Introducing the new program by 
Organisational Psychologist & Leadership Expert Kelly Maniatis... 
The Career Hactive Project 
The Career Hactive Project is designed for people like you who are wanting more in their life and career, but don't have access to the expert advice on what to do next. Without this online program, you will feel lost and unsure of the next steps. You can speak to your friends and family who might give you some guidance, but to accelerate your career you need to be taking the right steps in the right order to set you up in both your life and your career.
The Career Hactive Project will give you confidence in your Career Pathway. Scroll down to see what exclusive goodies you'll get access to by joining the online program.

This online program is the ideal the next step for those who...
 ... are ready to gain confidence in their career pathway.
 ... really are serious about taking action, not procrastinating.
 ... want to launch into the next phase of their career. 
So... do you think you are the right person to take this online program?
  •  You are a professional (white collar) or in a leadership role
  •   You have been in your career for 5+ years 
  •   You have been thinking about what is next for you in your career... for a long time... and can't solve it 
  •   Or you have just quit... 
  •   And you want to know the steps to build a career and lifestyle to be proud about!  
If you answered yes to the above, then this online project is perfect for you!
Hack into your thinking...
Reset Your Career!
Career Clarity Achieved ... Guaranteed!
Your Genius Zone...
You will experience a very productive 6 modules working on YOUR CAREER! You will achieve more in uncovering your career goals...
You will create clarity... we work on understanding your career pathway to define your next career step and your ultimate career objective!
You will finish The Career Hactive Project feeling confident about knowing your Career Calling Card... Building a fool-proof & resilient career!  You don't need to second guess anymore! 
Kelly Maniatis
About the expert behind The Career Hactive Project
Kelly Maniatis is one of Australia’s leading Organisational Psychologists with a keen eye for “knowing” what it takes to make great leaders.
Having profiled over 5,000 leaders around the world, Kelly is renowned for delivering training and insights into the skills required to be an effective leader for the 21st Century.
With her thought-provoking and expressive style, Kelly quickly engages her audience creating and facilitating their A-ha moments to take back to workplaces and teams.
Kelly’s 15 years experience has seen her deliver real-world results, whist creating a legacy of workplaces that embody 21st Century principles - fast thinking, changing and people-centred.
When not researching or teaching Kelly enjoys spending time with her two young boys and co-running a fruit, deli & commercial kitchen with her husband.
Don't take it from me... Read some success stories from Project Alumni...


I think The Career Hactive Project encourages a positive environment of testing your ideas and not holding on to anything too tightly. I also understood how the past shapes much of my present behaviour.


I dug into some patterns that were holding me back and made commitments to myself to see through some plans and projects that really matter to me as a result of The Career Hactive Project.
I started reaching out for advice a lot more and am getting to the bottom of why I've avoided that in the past and sought to do everything on my own.


I joined The Career Hactive Project because I felt like I wasn't making conscious choices in my career and felt a burden to prove myself through work. I was scared of financial insecurity and other's opinions.


For anyone who's on the fence about whether The Career Hactive Project is worth it... I would encourage them to invest in themselves, particularly if they're facing mental blocks and fears about the next step in their career or feel stuck.

The Career Hactive Project will give you a framework and community to unpack what's holding you back!
Take a look inside the online training portal...
Here is a sample of one of the worksheets
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